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Concession Opening Instructions

Food & Beverage Prep

Turn on warmer.

Take off lids on all containers.

Cheese: Make sure there are cheese cups in the cheese warmer (located under microwave). Cheese can be found in the refrigerator (bottom shelf).

Hotdogs: Turn dial on steamer appliance all the way on (towards the right). Make sure there is water in the appliance to the black line. It does not require much. Fill the steaming pan with 20-25 hotdogs. Cover the hotdogs with water from gallon jugs on shelf. For the buns you can heat in the microwave at your discretion to soften/warm the buns. Once the hotdogs are cooked, use the tongs to place them in a bun, wrap in foil and place in warmer. You can leave the hotdog steamer on in case you need to more hotdogs throughout the day/evening. If the water stays hot the hotdogs should cook quickly for you.

Pretzels: Take pretzels from the cooler and move to microwave area. Spray pretzels with water, salt pretzel, put pretzel on a piece of wax paper and cook in microwave for 1 minute. Place the pretzel in a paper sleeve. You can make a few to speed up service and put in warmer but please be aware they can get hard. If they want a pretzel with cheese, use the cheese from the cheese warmer. There is more salt in the container behind the microwave. If you need more water in the spray bottle use water from a gallon jug.

Nachos: With gloves, fill plastic container with chips (located on top shelf in container) and a nacho cheese cup. 

Popcorn: Packets are by microwave. Cook for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. 

Hot Chocolate: Push the lever on the hot water appliance (using only water from the gallon containers). Place hot chocolate packet in cup and fill just a bit over half with hot water. Stir and put lid on. 

Coffee: Coffee is made using the Keurig. Make sure water is full using the water from the gallon jugs. Press button on the right. There are pods, creamer and sweetener located on the shelves.

Frozen treats: Ice cream and ice pops are in freezer. Please make sure freezer gets shut all the way. There are scissors in the freezer that are only to be used to open the ice pops.

Extra hot dogs, buns, and pretzels are in the freezer. 

Opening Instructions

  •  To open the roll down, the key is located in the register. It is marked with an X. Push your foot down on the roll down to move the slides over to open the roll down.
  •  Open the window.
  • Wipe down counter as there is always debris from the roll down.
  • Place the napkins, ketchup, mustard, and chip display on the counter.
  • Place the black Square credit card machine on the counter.

THANK YOU FOR VOLUNTEERING. You are appreciated. Without you we could not make this happen.

If you have questions ask the LOD (lead person on duty) for assistance.

You can also reach Laura Baughn at (321) 431-8354.


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